Here's how to win the Kindle Fire HD

Between now and January 13th, we’re having a contest to see who will win the Kindle Fire HD! The person with the most points wins… here’s how you earn points:

  • each day you spend time alone with God = 1 point
  • each time you attend youth on Sunday night = 1 point
  • each time you attend Sunday morning Bible study = 1 point
  • every Bible verse you memorize = 2 points
  • every (new) friend you bring to youth = 3 points
  • every time you share your faith with someone = 5 points


  • you must report your progress each week to your small group leader
  • your time with God needs to be at least 15 minutes
  • memory verses have to be from the list in the post below
  • once a friend comes 2 times, they don’t count for points
  • be honest

You have 10 weeks… good luck!!