Next Step for Students - Week1

Students, for every week in our series we have a “next step” for you to work on during the week. Work through this as you spend time with God.


Bottom Line: Ultimate freedom is found underneath authority, not outside of it.  

Write down at least three relationships you have where you are under an authority.

Of these three relationships, pick one where there is an authority that you have some tension with.

Now, how is freedom found in this relationship? In other words, what things are you able to do because of the authority that exists in this particular relationship?

(Here are some examples: Because you are under your parents’ authority and they go to work and make financial decisions for you family, you are able to live in a home, go to school, afford clothing/food, etc. Because you are under the authority of your teacher who has gone to school to be able to teach you math, you have the opportunity to become prepared for college, which will ultimately allow you to get a good job and be successful.)

How does this authority benefit you both now and in the long run?