Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission:

To help as many people as possible have a growing love relationship with Jesus Christ and to help them pursue with passion the purpose for which they were created and gifted by God.

Our Vision:

To make the Gospel available to 100,00 people by 2017 and to help those who accept Him to have a growing relationship with Jesus by:


Partnering with God in the 5 ways He grows His people:

1. Life-changing Truth

2. Significant Relationships

3. Spiritual Disciplines

4. Ministry Opportunities

5. Pivotal Circumstances


7 practices that partner with the way God grows us:

1. Every believer should seek to have a regular, meaningful time alone with God.

2. Every believer should seek to find Christian friends for the purpose of mutual encouragement.

3. Every believer should seek to find their ministry in the church.

4. Every believer should seek to have a compelling mission in the world.

5. Every believer should seek to view their finances as resources to impact and extend the Kingdom.

6. Every parent should seek to influence their children to wholeheartedly follow Christ by having a regular “God-time” as a family.

7. Every believer should seek to experience God regularly in corporate worship services that are encouraging, instructing and motivating.


How do we implement these seven practices in the church?

Practice 1, 2, 3 & 4  we accomplish through small groups

Practice 6 we emphasize through our family ministry (FIT)

Practice 7 is the goal of the weekly worship service

Practice 5 is reinforced weekly in the service and at special times through classes and times of special emphasis.