Family Ministry Minute: More Quality Time

School is back in session and after school activities fill up our evenings. How do we still get some quality family time into our busy weeknights?

Schedule it! 

The only way to have the time is to carve it out and set it aside special. In my family we mark the hours/minutes with an X on the calendar so no one can schedule anything for that time.    If your calendar is blank- someone will fill it - so be intentional to schedule time for your family.  Family time doesn't usually just "happen".

Different weeks you have different amounts of time available - that's just being realistic. Here are some ideas that vary in time so you can pick one that fits your week.

1. Pack a sandwich and chips, (or go grab a kids meal somewhere) and surprise your kids with dinner at the park!  While you are there take 2 minutes to talk to them about all the beautiful things God has given you to enjoy... trees, sunset, playground, pond, trail...- It doesn't matter- Give the glory to GOD for your evening out!

2. Play charades: Write down 10 animals, 5 objects and 5 occupations. Keep acting til they guess correctly, or set a timer and see how many they can guess in 1 minute.

3. Make Pizza Together - It's easy- your store has everything ready for you! Buy a crust, pizza sauce, cheese and toppings. Talk to them about their day while you bake.  Ask questions and really listen- what is going on in their mind? Find out and help them work through concerns.

4. Work out together: After dinner take  a walk, learn a new dance move, race each other across the back yard,  block soccer goals, spot the back bend, stretch 5 minutes, or swim! Working out together teaches your child that to do our best for the Lord we must be fit and ready!!! 

5. Write a verse from the Bible on paper and cut every word out separately. Go over the verse a few times and then hide the words all over the house. Let your child find them and put them in order to "teach" you the verse. 

May the hand prints of your children begin to impact the world!    

May the hand prints of your children begin to impact the world!