Moms that Flourish

Being a mom can be tough...the average day is full of needs, messes, demands, and often self imposed guilt and fear... Fear that somehow we are going to mess up the potential of this child. 

Moms, we are terrible about putting undue pressure on ourselves!  What we forget is that everyday God has already ordained our hours. He has already put into place people, moments, and opportunities for us to touch our child's heart with His love and power.  While raising up godly children with strong character, He puts other purposes in our lives along the way, to set examples for our children to see.  He is anxiously waiting for us to ask... "Where do you need me today?" and "Can I be your hands today to help someone?"  As we walk in those moments, He is teaching our children how to be responsive to the Holy Spirit.                                                                                  

The Lord wants you to have opportunity to be the unique and special "you" - the one beyond the feeding little humans and changing diapers. When we get too consumed by those moments, we feel a part of who we are is lost. Over the next month, we will discuss some ways for your to flourish while you raise these little champions. 

Create some margin:  We schedule...  we calendar,  and it is beautiful. It keeps our household working like clockwork. BUT, if we schedule every single minute from when we wake to when we sleep --  there is very little room for God to show up and with a specific need He needs YOUR help to meet.  What would happen if instead of checking our phones in the checkout line we looked around and noticed those around us? We might see an elderly woman that needs help to the car, or a young mom struggling with a baby - just like us! What could God do with that moment? What might GOD do with 10 minutes, 30 minutes or an hour each week?  I promise HE will fill it and show you where to go! 

Make it happen: 

1. Pray for God to show you opportunities to be used for Him.

2. Think of some very easy moments to give to God to use. (some ideas are listed below)

3. Schedule sometime this next week 10 minutes or more that you DON'T plan anything and just ask God what He wants that time to be used for.  Dedicate that time to Him and don't let excuses stop you from giving it. 


Ideas for Moments to Flourish

  • Pray for someone when you wash dishes 
  • Text a friend when you're going to the store and offer to pick something up for them 
  • Double a recipe and take one to a neighbor
  • Drop a note of encouragement in the mail to someone
  • Put a couple granola bars in your car for the person with the sign at the corner
  • Roll up your neighbor's trash bin 


Comment with your own ideas and tell us how God is working through you this week!





***These topics are inspired by MOPS. Watch our website for a coming soon MOPS group!