Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me..."

Matthew 19:14

We enjoy providing a safe, clean, and loving environment for children. When you arrive, please come to the check-in desk in the main lobby.

The Nursery Preschool ministry plays an important role in the lives of families with small children here at Brookhaven Church. The Nursery Preschool is not a babysitting service. It’s main purpose is to serve the children and their families. Our mission is to lead preschool children to a relationship with Jesus Christ and aid their spiritual growth by partnering with parents.  Our vision is for children to know, love and follow Jesus Christ with all their hearts. We strive to provide a safe, organized environment for young children where they can learn about God, play and have a happy church experience.

As you arrive on Sunday morning, the check in process is followed carefully, providing a secure safe place for your child. On to the classroom where the leaders greet your child and spend a few minutes with them individually with conversation or directing them to an activity they enjoy. The atmosphere is warm and pleasing.  After the child feels comfortable, it's time to gather together and have a short bible lesson, sing a song, watch a puppet show, etc. We use Gospel Light curriculum which is age appropriate and designed for each class individually. Through the lessons the kids connect to a deeper understanding of God’s word . We want them to know that God loves them and He is always there for them.  It’s now time for snack where we pray and thank God. Playtime is next and this can be in their classroom, indoor playroom or outside on the playground. All these areas have been appropriately designed for the preschool age child. Play time is very valuable. This is where a child learns to share, explore their own interests, lengthen their attention span, help with verbal skills and learn problem solving. This a teachable time not simply to entertain. As the children prepare to meet their parents, the leaders might review some of the things the have done that day or let them play in their classroom until parents arrive.

Parents, ask your child what fun things they did that morning. This gives them an invitation to share their experiences with you. Please go through their take home bag each week.  It contains a Family Fun Time handout, a resource to spend quality time talking with your child about what they learned in Sunday school, fun activities to do, a verse to memorize and a prayer time. This a great way for you and your child to grow in faith together. Also in the take home bag there will be any other activity or craft your child has done for that day and any handout for upcoming events or needed information. We want you to know that we are honored to serve you, your family and God in this wonderful ministry.

Our Strategy

Fun and Engaging
We utilize fun activities, games,  activity pages, and  visual aids to make Bible lessons come alive for kids.

Excellent Teachers
Our teachers are committed to preparing a warm, loving experience for your child that is designed to connect  children to Jesus.

All Bible
Each week children  encounter God’s Word and grow in their faith. Children learn the Bible in a way that makes sense—helping them navigate life and find their place in God’s story.

Partnering with Parents
We seek to partner with parents in the spiritual growth of children. Resources are provided to parents so they can review with their child throughout the week.


Sunday Mornings

Wednesday Evenings

9:30am-10:30am & 11:00am-12:30p

Sunday School
Bible lesson, Mission focus, Worship, Craft, Snack and Play


Bible Lesson Review and Play
In order to preserve the health and safety of all children, if your child has been ill in the previous 24 hours with fever, cough, or any contagious diseases, they should not be checked in.

Upcoming Preschool Events

For more information

Please contact Melanie Ekblad if you would like any further information about Brookhaven Nursery Preschool Ministry.
Melanie Ekblad
Nursery Preschool Minister